• Inspired by the excellent work done over the last few years by the late Richard (Dick) St. Arnauld from Manchester, CT, a group in Montréal led by André St-Arnaud had its first meeting on September 23, 2001 to lay the groundwork in forming an association.
  • The association started its activities at a meeting on 23 September 2001 with the creation of an interim committee.
  • Other meetings followed and the association was formed.
  • Today, several descendants of Paul Bertrand dit Saint-Arnaud are members of the association and they come from the world over.
Elected Board of Directors

The Association in managed by a Board of Directors elected by the members during a General Assembly. The Executive Committee is formed during the first B.O.D. meeting following the General Assembly. Here are the members of the Board of Directors at their post since the B.O.D. meeting on October 25th 2009:

1st Vice-President:
2nd Vice-President:

Nominated Consultants

The consultants are people to which the Board of Directors has delegated specific tasks in Association projects. These people are volunteers (not necessarily members) that donate their time to work on projects that they find passionating. Their help is priceless:

Genealogical Database Rep.:

The Association
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