As of January 2010, the Association has 229 members!

Everyone is welcome to join the Association. The membership categories and
fees (CAN$ and US$) are:

  • Regular: $25 for one year - $45, 2 yrs - $60, 3 years.
  • Associates (spouse): $10 per year - $20, 2 yrs. - $30, 3 yrs
  • Students: $15 per year
  • 80 plus years old: $10 per year
  • Life Membership: $300

Membership runs from June 1st to May 31st.

To apply, download, fill out and return the application form.

Please use PayPal only if you cannot send a Canadian funds cheque by mail. Also, if you use PayPal, please select your own currency (USD or EUR). The gain we make in the currency exchange rate will help cover our extra costs for shipping outside of Canada.

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