Paul Bertrand dit Saint-Arnaud was baptized on 27 November 1661 in Ste-Madeleine, Verneuil-sur- Avre, France. He came to Québec with La Compagnie de Vaudreuil in 1687 or 1693. He married Gabrielle Baribeau on 3 June 1697 and the couple settled in Batiscan. Gabrielle, a widow, had two sons from her previous marriage to a Mr. Belecq. The couple had eight children of which two were sons: Paul and Jean-Baptiste who perpetuated the name. Gabrielle’s death came in March 1725 and Paul died in July 1739. Today, we can find many Bertrand or Saint-Arnaud, direct descendants of our Ancestor.

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St-Arnaud Origins
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